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The Big Idea That Bankers Need to Understand for Bridging the Legacy Technology Gap

Emily Sweillam, EVP, Marketing, Kinective


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The Big Idea That Bankers Need to Understand for Bridging the Legacy Technology Gap


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Banking today isn't just about numbers and transactions. It's about crafting frictionless experiences for clients, both online and in-branch. But in an age of transformation, connectivity, and fintechs— many bankers face serious head-scratchers in this digital age.

An integrated technology ecosystem that seamlessly connects multiple systems is key to providing stellar service, but modernizing legacy systems and competing in a digital-first world can be daunting and overwhelming. Complexity abounds between disconnected digital and branch channels, the struggle of integrating legacy systems with newer technology, and simply the pressures of your day job.

How can bankers best bridge this gap?

Enter the game-changer: Connectivity and APIs. It's the secret sauce that binds your channels together, creating a unified, client-centric ecosystem with the ability to choose best-of-breed third-party fintech solutions.

Busting Boundaries

Having a unified system across branch and digital channels is the most critical component of a modern end-to-end banking enterprise, as it eliminates the need to replicate processes and data entry in the various channels and systems of record (SORs).

While banks and credit unions have historically relied on their core banking platform’s product ecosystem, they are increasingly choosing a best-of-breed approach using third-party fintech solutions to meet business needs. But integration with their core commonly stalls progress and possibilities.

If a fintech isn’t connected to your core, or your core doesn’t offer the feature(s) you need to deliver on your vision, the vision often seems like a dead end.

Connectivity providers and APIs (application programming interfaces) have emerged as a solution to eliminate limitations, rapidly connect systems, and securely unlock data using out-of-the-box connectors and integration templates.

According to Cornerstone Advisors “What’s Going on in Banking 2023” report, the percentage of financial institutions making investments in APIs has nearly doubled between 2020 and 2023, going from 21% to 40%.

And while APIs may seem like the holy grail, many financial executives are discovering the new set of challenges these solutions bring. Namely lack of true choice in integrated solutions, the amount of in-house development resources it takes to get these off the ground, long lead-times to execution, and safeguarding sensitive information while enabling smooth data flow between different channels.

The Gateway to Connectivity

As a company with more than 2500 banking customers, Kinective has seen these problems over and over again. With a recent merger of three companies, CFM, NXTsoft, and IMM/eSign, Kinective now brings the most robust connectivity to the market with one connection between cores, branch, digital, and fintech solutions.

Offering over 80+ integrated fintechs across more than 40 core banking platforms, Kinective provides an expansive ecosystem of use cases and channels, unlocking the potential of best-in-class providers for banking. No technology is left out when it comes to integration, allowing innovation to thrive.

With Kinective, financial institutions (FIs) can take advantage of:

  • ACCESS: FIs have access to a broad range of fintech solutions and comprehensive use cases across channels including loan origination solutions, account opening software, document imaging software, cash automation hardware, document automation and e-signature software, and CRMs.

  • CHOICE: FIs are able to select from a wide array of offerings and have the flexibility to switch to more innovative solutions in the future.

  • CONTROL: Turnkey connections, independent of the core, enable FIs to have control over the pace that they innovate.

  • COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS: End-to-end connectivity optimizes efficiency, reducing costs by automating workflows, eliminating errors, and streamlining processes from beginning to end.

  • OMNI-CHANNEL: Most connectivity providers only focus on digital channels. While digital is king, the branch still remains relevant. Kinective brings both channels together with integrations for all solutions within the branch and online.

As we navigate this transformative era, it’s paramount to choose partners who understand the intricacies of the industry. With a 100% banking focus, along with an extensive client and partner network, Kinective is emerging as the premier partner to help financial institutions scale innovation faster.

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